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Pettitte the beast [Oct. 8th, 2006|03:14 pm]
Fans of Andy
[Current Location |Kingston NH]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Who's your Daddy?(the song about NY beating Pedro)]

Andy Pettitte is, by far, my favorite player. He's so cool. I didn't become a fan of baseball until I was 12. The first game i ever saw on T.V. was the 2002 ALDS between the yankees and the Angels. The yankees were losing in the 9th inning when i turned it on and i said to my dad "who do you think's gonna win?" well my dad, being a Sox fan, said "i sure hope it's the Angels. So I, being the annoying son that I am, decided to be a yankees fan. When the yankees lost that game and were eliminated I was pretty pissed off. So next season I refused to watch anygames, but rather listen to them on WCBS radio. well that's when I first heard of a guy named pettitte. He picked a guy off at third base(doesn't usually happen that often) so I was like "I cant take it anymore!" so i flew downstairs to turn the T.V. on FOX so I could see the replay. At that point, I learned about a man named Tim McCarver and his boyfriend Joe buck... I hate you! well that's a different story. So Andy Pettitte is AMAZING and I just wanna like say "hi" to him. HE'S SO COOL!!! and LETS GO ASTROS I wanna see a Yankees vs. Astros World series matchup next season!